Battersea Barge

Moored to the east of Tideway Village, The Battersea Barge has entertained an eclectic crowd with diverse events and celebrations for over ten years. From regular comedy nights such as 'Cheese and Crackers' or the merry drag-fest that is the alternative Christmas Panto to the lavish themed Halloween parties frequented by the famous to the infamous, the Battersea Barge is a unique floating venue from which you can cast away your cares and sail to seas of possibility. 
The self-appointed Rear Admiral of this much-loved venue is owner Peter Lewis, an inspiring ambassador for the London cabaret scene, as well as local residents alike, and whose own skills as a pianist are not to be underplayed!
In addition to the stunning top deck and outside spaces, which afford fabulous views along the River Thames, below deck features a cosy bar and a special live performance stage or party space for dancing. The 'Bat Barge', as it is fondly known, has played host to renowned comedians and cabaret artists and has launched many careers in the performing arts as newcomers flock to cut their teeth in this legendary space.
Aligned with Tideway Village, the Battersea Barge forms the hub of this vibrant and creative community and offers a dual purpose as a gathering point or 'community centre', as well as a much-loved 'local' which offers a warm and relaxed atmosphere with first-class musical, comedy and cabaret entertainment right on the doorstep.
This landmark cabaret and event venue is also hugely popular as a space for corporate events and private parties such as birthdays and weddings. Its flexible spaces coupled with its charming appearance would provide an excellent established venue for new residents moving into this changing area.
For many the presence of a boat of real character would provide a visual point of interest for those frequenting the designer bars and gastro pubs which are likely to reinvigorate the area. To lose this unique venue would surely only limit the appeal of this vibrant riverside landscape which is presently rejuvenated and supported by this unique community.

Letters of support for the Barge :

To not have the Battersea Barge anymore would be quite simply a terrible thing. Unthinkable.

It is the venue in which I saw a performance that inspired me to become a cabaret performer, and in which I have performed many times and enjoyed every second.

It is indeed a unique venue, with a very special atmosphere and perfect for much-loved cabaret performances and parties. Not only have I had the pleasure of performing there but have enjoyed other performances immensely, all of which I remember very fondly. For cabaret performers it has a backstage area which is a luxury as most other small cabaret venues lack such a thing, and it is by far my venue of choice, along with its good food and friendly staff. It has a special place in my heart and I will be aggreived to say the very least should it close. In fact, I would have to pay a visit to the St James  Group people and talk them out of it personally, and, if it came to it, lie down in the path of the "bulldozers" to stop them taking the boat out of the water.

I shall of course, sign the petition.

Emily Yarrow

"The Battersea Barge is a much loved historic place of atmosphere and heritage. I now live in Australia but have found memories of performing at the venue as I began my burlesque career. It was also the site for my 30th Birthday and holds a dear place in my heart please preserve it as a significant and unique location in London unrivalled elsewhere in the world.

Priscilla Tonkin aka Sapphira"

"I came down to the barge earlier this year to see a band. I brought a friend for her birthday and the barge was so sensational it made our entire trip to London worthwhile. It's an intimate and unique venue. This sort of venue makes up the character of London. I'm from York, where everything of any difference has been made into a generic enterprise to cash into the tourist market, hence me having to travel to London to sit on a lovely barge to see a band. Food and drink was great, and the decorations were lovely. To see this venue go would be a shame. We don't need another starbucks but we do need choice and many people, including me, are choosing to use the barge.

Amy Christie"

I'm really upset and shocked to hear the Barge and the tideway village is under threat. The re-gentrification of so many wonderful areas of London is all to common but continues to shock me, the barge is a unique venue that offers Londoners a great experience and has provided  so many performers a launching pad for their careers. I have been lucky enough to hold two charity events at the barge and the evening for Epilepsy Bereaved was a great success, it is still talked about today and that has everything to do with the setting, the 
amazing atmosphere and the staff and I really believe there aren't many venues in London that can rival the quality the Battersea Barge offers. It would be such a shame if the development company overlook the value 
and richness the barge brings to London and I really hope they take the existence of a thriving community into account when taking their development further. I hope you are successful in your campaign and if I can help in anyway please just ask, lets hope the developers see beyond financial benefit and see the benefit of an established, unique community and respond to the rights of all those concerned.

The best of luck with your campaign,
Becky Finlay Hall"