Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Save Tideway Village

Tideway Villagers all share a common interest – a passion to keep houseboat moorings in London alive.

We are one of the floating village communities along London's great artery the Thames. It's a wonderful, rare type of community to find in today's London. A culture-binding independent people who live, work and play on the river or canals.

Sadly our houseboat community is under threat from development but we are all passionate about saving it. To protect our community and others we would like to link the various houseboat communities along the river into one voice and open our doors to all friends of the river.

Please support us, come and visit our 'special place' and sign the petition to save this hidden treasure of central London.

Come, explore our site. Find out the history, the latest updates on the situation, take a look at the fantastic support we've already received.



  1. Signed! I lived on Nine Elms Pier for two years, and was never happier... I will stand in solidarity against the usurping developers! Pete

  2. Hi everyone,

    My name is Jo Murphy and I work at a TV production company.

    We're currently producing a property series for the BBC and i'm doing some research on houseboats.

    I'm looking to speak to anyone who has renovated or converted an empty or disused boat and transformed it into a beautiful home.

    If anyone would like to speak to me please do call me on 01273 224 820 or my email is joanna.murphy@ricochet.co.uk.

    Many thanks,

    Jo Murphy

  3. Hi, I've signed and will be sharing everywhere I can! I was round by your village today taking photos, the boats make the place look lovely, a credit to you and good luck!!