Wednesday, 4 September 2013


Tideway Village  had an article about the village and it's battle to remain in Tideway Dock  in the Sunday Express on the 15th of September 2013 featuring our water garden proposals.

We decided to take a proactive approach to what can be done with the dock to make it look more attractive and in harmony with the St James Pocket Park alongside. Our solution is one of providing a combined habitat for the village and nature to support bird and plant life. The result should be a very attractive garden based feature for the public to enjoy from the river path. This follows the lead of the mayor's Blue Ribbon plan for the Thames in London which encourages public access and interaction with the river.

The computer generated plans we have developed for the dock have been generated with the help of our own  interior and landscape designer Charles Lambert. We are also entering a Southwark and Lambeth Council competition with our designs and hope to show how life can be brought back to what is now a rather lifeless sterile river. We hope to convince people like the PLA and the Environment agency that change is possible and the banks of the river can support wildlife and not interfere with river flow and traffic.

We hope to show that humans and nature can live on the shores of the Thames and support each other whilst providing an attractive living landscape for all to enjoy.

David Waterhouse

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